you know it's time to make yourself a priority. let me show you how.

Get grounded in simple but profound healthy daily habits and uncover a more connected and Balanced version of you!

If this sounds like you, please read on

Your spirituality is important to you. You look at life’s challenges as an opportunity to grow. Your health and happiness is a priority. The peace you find when you manage to fit in a yoga practice, eat a healthy meal, or take a relaxing getaway brings a little more balance to your life, but it’s just not enough.

Life’s busy mess is always waiting and even as a strong woman you are you keeping finding that you're putting your own needs last, second guessing your resilience, and feeling out of alignment with your intuition and your purpose.

You want to be the best version of yourself for you and your loved ones.

You want to feel inspired instead of overwhelmed and bogged down in all the daily turmoil.

You want to loosen yourself from the tangles of doubt and self critique.

You want to feel connected and free.

      Living a life steeped in spirituality is so much more than showing up occasionally to a yoga class. It’s more than having a positive outlook, or reading a self help book from time to time.

It’s a commitment to self awareness, and the soulful weightlifting that makes the self examination muscle strong.

It requires the everyday cultivation of both the practices and perspectives that lead to feeling connected, balanced, and free. It’s about choosing the habits that put you in the driver’s seat of your own evolution. It’s slowing down and tuning in to turn up the volume of your intuition. It’s becoming your own best care taker.

It’s acquiring the skills that make the hard times a little easier, and the good times even better.


            When attitude and action combine with a  growing self awareness information actually leads to transformation.  

 It’s this melding that is the key to real self care, the formula for thriving and the secret to a more sacred way of living. So together in The Daily Sacred we will look at mental and physical habits that are time tested and yogi approved for conscious evolution. This means being supported  in shifting your identity towards the person you want to become; at your deepest core the person that you already are. 

The practices are simple like eating dinner earlier and starting the day right.  The concepts like self compassion, and innate worthiness lead us towards self love.

Although simple is surely not the same as easy- so we will also look at resistance, perfectionism, setting boundaries, and how to make consistent long lasting shifts towards your greatest potential.

We will laugh, probably cry, learn to look at ourselves and our lives through a yogi’s lens, and make lots of mistakes along the way.

If you’re ready to bring daily doses of sacred living into your 21st century life,   

Everyday Evolution: Habits for Health and Happiness    may be just right for you.



Learn the actions and attitudes to move you from overwhelm to ease, and trade stress for peace and purpose-

all brought to you by the ancient yogis of yore, made practical for modern living by yours truly.


Everyday Evolution is for you if you want to ...

- take better care of yourself

- feel strong and beautiful in your body

-Have more energy and better sleep

- Discover more patience

- Improve communication and understanding in all of

your relationships, including the one with yourself.

-connect to inspiration and creativity

- experience deeper joy and fulfillment

- come home to yourself and your life's purpose


You know it’s time to put yourself first, let me show you how. I help women just like you take their health and happiness into their own hands with simple daily habits from the ancient wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda. 

Are you looking for a way to maintain your balance, health, and self-connection through all the twists and turns?

Do you want to feel confident in taking your well-being into your own hands?

What would it take to feel like you could navigate life more skillfully, with greater ease, and even discover a more sacred and fulfilling way of living? 

The habits for everyday evolution will guide you in:

  • Recognizing the cycles of stress and overwhelm and shifting into a more  graceful rhythm
  • Resting deeply and having more energy
  • Living in greater harmony with nature
  • Cultivating daily routines that bring your body, mind and spirit into balance
  • Discovering which daily habits are non-negotiable for you to be at your best
  • Becoming your own best care-taker
  • Trusting your own intuition and aligning with your deepest truths
  • Connecting with like-minded people who are interested in supporting one another through this process of transformation

The ancient healing arts of Yoga and Ayurveda provide a clear map for natural living.

They outline simple daily practices for body, mind, and spirit evolution.

While the daily routines are simple, changing our long standing habits Alone is not easy..Lets do it together.