June 17-24, 2017  Being & Becoming    COSTA RICA ,Pura Vida Spa & Retreat Center

At their core, Mountains, Yoga, and writing invite us to elevate ourselves to step out on to a higher vantage point where we can see life’s broader perspective. Too often we don’t experience things as they are, but as we are. Living with this truth gives us the power to reshape each moment, and to change our orientation from overwhelm to ease, from ambivalence to gratitude, from fear to love. Whether delighting in the view from the mountain top, coming to the mat, or giving your breath a voice on the page, we find our strength, our creativity, and our intuition.

The healing practices of yoga and writing teach us how to sink deeper into ourselves and how to strengthen our self-awareness by coming into the present moment. Because we are always changing, this self-reflection helps to create a mirror of ourselves in one particular time and place. Let’s join together to hone this internal gaze in order to look back out at the world with renewed strength, mindfulness and clarity of not only who we truly are, but who are becoming next.      

Join Jill Douglas and Danielle DeTiberus 5000 ft. above sea level in Costa Rica’s breathtaking central valley for a week of yoga and writing. Let us guide you to your summit where the veil of separateness is as thin as the elevated air, as unified as your horizon.


Each day will include yoga and writing practices that explore:

-Yoga as a path to awaken self-awareness and transformation

-Writing as a tool for self-inquiry, discovery, and healing

-Connecting the science and art of

personal evolution through yoga & writing


 Prices include: accommodations, all the incredible food, daily yoga and writing sessions with Jill & Danielle, day trips to a nearby waterfall and sky-walk, unlimited access to the surrounding coffee plantation, resort green house and orchid house, and use of the pool and hot tub. Also included: round trip shuttle service to/from the SJO airport, and designated Wi-Fi and computer access.


Double occupancy Tentalow $1760

Double occupancy A-Frame  $1960

Double occupancy Vista         $1970

Single occupancy Tentalow    $2000

Single occupancy A-Frame     $2320

Single occupancy Vista            $2360

*all rates are per person based on occupancy and availability  

Airfare, additional activities, healing arts spa therapies, and gratuities are not included.


For reservation please call R&R Resorts at (888) 767-7375 x233  or email at: reservations@puravidaspa.com

Pura Vida Spa and Retreat Center

Alajuela, Costa Rica

Danielle and Jill met in in the last century—in a haze of patchouli and hemp necklaces at Emerson College, where they both studied Writing, Literature & Publishing. Almost twenty years later, though they live different cities, they still find a shared home in language and the power of self-expression. Danielle is a professional writer, and has taught literature and writing for over a decade. Jill has spent the last fifteen years teaching and studying yoga, and now leads her own yoga teacher-training program.

Over the years and over many bottles of wine, the two often dreamed of collaborating together as a way to open up their conversations about art, science, feminism and relationships with other like-minded people. They experienced first-hand how professional, familial and societal demands can lead to a sense of isolation and apathy. This disconnect ultimately leads to suffering and to an inability to contribute to the greater good. By combining their shared passions and individual expertise they discovered that they could support others in their paths towards living a more purposeful, empowered and inspired life.

What does this mean exactly? Danielle and Jill guide their workshops and retreats with the overall philosophy that the practices of yoga and writing prepare us for the practice of living. Their mission is to provide a space—whether it be on the mat or on the page— where we allow ourselves to ask big questions, to connect with our intuition, and to let go of shame or self-doubt. This work is challenging, but Danielle and Jill believe that it shouldn’t take itself too seriously. The deepest wisdom often comes through laughter and mistakes.

If you’re ready to get out of your own way, to dig deep into the forgotten wisdom of spirit and to get real with others who want to do the same, join Danielle and Jill in creating the space to hear your inner voice on the mat and to bring that voice back to life on the page.

For more information, please read about their workshops in the United States as well as their retreats abroad.